Janine Davy, Advertising Manager, mobile: 027 287 0005, email: [email protected]
David Mackenzie, Owner/Publisher, mobile 021 684 304, email [email protected]


Full Page: 365mmh x 261mmw
Half page: 181mmh x 261mmw (Horizontal) & 365mmh x 128.5mmw (Vertical)
Quarter page: 88mmh x 261mmw (Horizontal) & 181mmh x 128.5mmw (Vertical)
1/8th page: 88mmh x 128.5mmw (Horizontal) & 135mmh x 84mmw (Vertical)
1/16th page: 88mmh x 62mmw (Vertical)
Experts Section (Business Card size): 60mmh x 84mmw

Classified column widths:
1 col 40mm
2 col 84mm
3 col 128.5mm
4 col 173mm
5 col 217mm
6 col 261mm

Classified heights:
Minimum 20mm
Maximum 365mm

Supplied adverts:
All images and advertisements to be 300 dpi. No crop marks or bleed. No spot colours. Fonts embedded or pathed. We prefer high resolution PDFs as the ad file format exported using the compatibility setting: Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3). Please do not use/include overprint. Ideally, 10pt is the standard point size; however, in some cases with bold fonts 9pt can be used, depending on background. Black text should be 100% black[k]. All artwork submitted needs a border. Specifications for photos and logos – CMYK, high resolution jpeg (minimum 200dpi) pdf attachments. 


Advertising Deadlines (Run of Paper): Advertising booking deadline for is one week prior to publication day. Copy deadline for ad-make up is 5pm Friday prior to publication day. Advertiser is responsible to advise us of any copy changes before 5pm Monday prior to publication day. Advertising supplied in completed form, deadline is Tuesday midday prior to publication day. Public holiday weeks, deadlines move forward one working day. Cancellation deadline week prior to publication. If cancellations are received after the booking deadline then full charge applies. Advertising setting is free for use in Good Local Media Ltd publications only. If used elsewhere charges will apply, pricing available on request. Advertising space only is purchased, and all copy made up by Good Local Media Ltd remains the property of Good Local Media Ltd. If supplied ready to print, copy is owned by the advertiser. Publication day is Thursday for urban deliveries and Friday morning for rural deliveries.

Rate card: Rates are based over a 12-month period starting from the date the first ad publishes. Rate bracket e.g. 6 insertions, 12 insertions etc. chosen allows ad sizes to vary within the rate bracket. If the number of insertions chosen is not met then a bulk charge will be applied at the end/cancellation of your schedule based on correct rate reflective of the number of ads published e.g. if you have chosen the 12 insertion rate and only publish 6 insertions, the bulk charge will be the difference in price between the 6 insertion rate and 12 insertion rate multiplied by the number of ads published. You pay the rate reflective of the number of ads you actually publish.

Invoicing and Payments: For advertisers on a regular schedule invoices will be sent at the end of the month and payment is due by the 20th of the following month, otherwise payment is required by end of day Tuesday in advance of publishing. Accounts in arrears +60 days may be subject to a $95 + GST late payment fee per month. Advertiser is responsible for all debt collection fees. Cancellation deadline is one week prior to publication.

By confirming and placing advertising in Good Local Media Ltd publications you are agreeing to our terms and conditions of trade.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY:  Good Local Media Limited (including its employees, officers, or agents) shall not be liable for a failure or breach arising from anything beyond their reasonable control e.g. an act of God, fire, earthquake, strike, explosion, electrical supply failure, unavoidable accident or machine breakdown; and shall not be liable in tort, contract, or otherwise for loss of any kind (whether indirect loss, loss of profits, or consequential loss) to the Advertiser or any other person.