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Full Page: 365mm x 265mm
Half page: 181mm x 265mm (Horizontal) & 365mm x 131mm (Vertical)
Quarter page: 135mm x 176mm (Horizontal) & 181mm x 131mm (Vertical)
1/8th page: 88mm x 131mm (Horizontal) & 135mm x 86mm (Vertical)
1/16th page business card: 66mm x 86mm (Horizontal) & 88mm x 64mm (Vertical)
Experts: 60mm x 86mm

For supplied adverts, photos, logos, and images: PDF/X – 4 spec, fonts pathed or embedded, text 100% black. Photos, logos – high resolution jpg (300 dpi)

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  Copy deadline for ad make-up is one week prior to publication date (Friday). Advertiser is responsible to advise us of any copy changes before end of day Monday prior to publication date (Friday). Advertising supplied complete deadline is Tuesday midday prior to publication date (Friday).  For advertisers on a regular schedule invoices will be sent at the end of the month and payment is due by the 20th of the following month. For advertisers not on a schedule invoices will be sent at the end of the week and payment is due within 10 days. Accounts in arrears may be subject to a $95 + GST late payment fee per advert. Advertiser is responsible for any and all debt collection fees. Cancellation deadline is one week prior to publication.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY:  Cambridge News & Media Limited (including its employees, officers, or agents) trading as Cambridge News shall not be liable for a failure or breach arising from anything beyond their reasonable control e.g. an act of God, fire, earthquake, strike, explosion, electrical supply failure, unavoidable accident or machine breakdown; and shall not be liable in tort, contract, or otherwise for loss of any kind (whether indirect loss, loss of profits, or consequential loss) to the Advertiser or any other person.