Crucial link for discussions

Cambridge Community Board has spent the last two months closely engaging with our community on Cambridge Connections.

It has been a time of frustration and stress for some members of our community, and we have been at the forefront of the public discussions.

Cambridge Community Board, from left Elise Badger, Alana Mackay, Jo Davies-Colley, Andrew Myers, Mike Montgomerie, Sue Milner. Absent: Philip Coles.

We believe we have been a crucial link between the community and council and are certain that our role in this plan going forward is only just beginning.

The following is our feedback to council.

  • Cambridge Community Board acknowledges the need for a comprehensive transport strategy for Cambridge, including the eventual provision of a third river crossing in a suitable location.
  • We acknowledge the significance of community engagement and consultation required for this type of project and are confident that current community consultation has been severely lacking resulting in high levels of frustration and concern from residents.
  • The board requests that all future transport strategy investigations be conducted with greater transparency with the community board, and indeed with the community.
  • The community must be brought along on the journey, not just presented with a few options at the end of the line. We recommend inclusive problem solving, increased access to modelling information for the community upon request, and greater transparency in the decision-making process.
  • There should be increased visibility over when modelling was completed for the Cambridge Connections project, and if this occurred over/during the pandemic period, we recommend more current modelling be applied before future decisions are made. The community requests higher transparency of this information.
  • A detailed traffic management investigation be carried out in the short to medium term in order that interim solutions for CBD and bridge traffic congestion can be proactively managed until a third river crossing is implemented.
  • More detailed information about the longevity of the existing high-level bridge be visible to both the board and the community. If this has not been thoroughly investigated, the board request that the costs associated with maintaining the high-level bridge as a walking/cycle vs vehicle bridge be published.
  • The green belt is incredibly important to the residents of Cambridge and their wellbeing, and the board supports their maintenance and protection. We ask that when the project team reconsiders bridge locations, they keep this at the heart of every decision. Any suggestion of using the green belt for roading should be consulted upon thoroughly with our community in the first instance.
  • Vibrancy and a people-centred Leamington Village has not been considered in the options presented and recommends that further investigation be conducted into balancing the need for having traffic movement through Shakespeare St, and Leamington residents have safe access to a vibrant village heart.

Read our full Enhanced Annual Plan feedback.

Read our Cambridge Connections feedback

As always, we welcome any community member to attend our meetings and speak in our public forum on this issue or any other.

All are welcome.



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