Quarries – where they are in Waipā

This land at 3831 Cambridge Road owned by Remediation (NZ) Ltd is operating as a quarry under consent until December 31, 2035. The quarry can be seen from across the Waikato River on the Te Awa River Ride between the Gaslight Theatre and the Velodrome. This photo was taken from the St Peter’s residential subdivision. Photo: Mary Anne Gill.

Feedback from businesses on the proposed quarry just outside Cambridge’s eastern boundary has prompted the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce to open its one-minute survey to residents so the chamber can get a clearer community view on the proposal which will see an extra 400 truck movements a day through the town.

Take the survey.

The News reported last week on an application to establish a large quarry on the eastern outskirts of Cambridge.

The application from RS Sand Ltd is expected to meet with opposition from groups and individuals concerned at the impact it will have on the district – it will see up to 400 truck movements a day through the town.

Waipā already has 23 consented quarries operating within the district.

The News asked the Waipā District Council for the list and whether it could provide details of how long the consents were for each of the quarries.

The council provided the list but said substantial time would be needed to review all of the consents to provide their duration.

The quarry consents are:


59 Parallel Road, RD 3 (Sandwashing) – establish portable washing plant existing quarry.

Norwegian Road, RD 3 (Brown stone) – to operate a metal quarry.

3831 Cambridge Road – sand washing/screening and extend quarry.

75 Parallel Road, RD 3 – quarry extension.

253 Whitehall Road – quarry extensions – Winstone Aggregates Ltd.

720 Taotaoroa Road – Store indoor and outdoor stockpiles of bulk materials, deposit and/or recontour cleanfill materials, and establish and operate a bitumen plan – Taotaoroa Quarry

1/72 Aspin Road, RD 4 (Sand & Pumice) – Expansion to quarry.

Cambridge Road, RD 3 (Sand) – Extension to sand quarry – Valley Sand Supplies

1716 Cambridge Road, RD 3 (Sand) – Extract up to 14025m2 from existing sand quarry – St Peters School.

928 Kaipaki Road, RD 3 (Sand) – Establishment and operation of a mineral extraction activity (sand quarry).

Hamilton Airport

284 Airport Road, RD 2 (Sand) – Sand pit/quarry.

86 Airport Road, RD 2 (Sand) – quarry.


984 Kakaramea Road, RD 2 (Sand) quarry.

452 Old School Road, RD 2. (Sand) – Expansion of existing sand quarry operation and an overburden filling operation

62 Cochrane Road, RD 2 (Sand) – Expand sand quarry (Stage 7) New Lot 2 DP 457699 (SP/0111/12).

Kakaramea Road, RD 2 – Undertake mineral extraction activity, concurrent earthworks & clean fill activities.

1/1 Hams Road, RD 3 (Sand) – Establish and operate a sand quarry and associated cleanfilling activity.


2505 Arapuni Road, RD 1 (Sand / River gravels) –     Undertake quarry activities (sand and gravel extraction) and to import clean-fill to site.

Te Awamutu

1653 Arapuni Road, RD 2 (Rock) – quarry.

531 Parklands Road, RD 1 – Operate a quarry

530 Pirongia Road (Sand) – Establish and operate a mineral extraction and cleanfill activity.

Te Pahu

Wright Road, RD 5 – Undertake a mineral extraction activity in the Rural Zone.

199 Fillery Road, RD 5 (Lime) – Re-establish and operate existing lime quarry in the Rural Zone.

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