Supergran ‘humbled’

Supergran’s Toyota Rav 4

Cambridge’s Supergran says she has been overwhelmed by support she has received since The News told readers how she had thwarted a ramraid.

Supergran was on an early morning Easter Monday coffee run when she saw a ramraid in progress at the Spark shop in Victoria St – so she took matters into her own hands and rammed the rammers’ stolen getaway car.

She spoke to The News on condition we would not identify her.

Her story and recounting how the ram raid crew, all masked, came running out of the Spark building and made off in the damaged car caught the imagination of the country – and was followed by readers overseas.

National media picked up our story and referred readers to our website – which received a whopping 200,000 in a matter of days.

This week Supergran told The News she had been unsettled when a Give a Little Page was set up to help meet her costs to repair her damaged car.

About $10,000 had been pledged by Tuesday.

At the same time, she had received all sorts of help from other organisations and individuals who wanted to see her Rav 4 repaired.

But she was torn about the setting up of the donations page and how to respond – initially taking the view that there were far more worthy causes.

Supergran, though, does think of others.

“I want to receive the money with gratitude, fix my car and then help fix the car I rammed.

“There were two other people whose cars were damaged on the day, and I can’t help thinking about them,” she told The News.

“And we also should be mindful that there are a group of young people who must be held accountable for their actions.”

The owner of the rammed car said he appreciated the offer from Supergran – but if money was made available, he would probably donate it to an animal related charity in Cambridge.

Spark told The News it has “reached out” to Supergran to say thank you.

Despite an apparent time difference in Supergran spotting the raid and police being alerted, Spark was comfortable police were alerted when the ram raid happened.

“As soon as any of our stores are damaged, this triggers our monitored alarms and security systems. Police and our security firm were on site shortly after,” a spokesperson told The News.

While Supergran’s decision to tackle the ram raid burglars was lauded, the police stance is that members of the public should not put themselves at risk.

Spark echoed those views.

“While we appreciate and share the frustration of the lady who intervened in the ram raid on our Cambridge store … we would not want anyone to put themselves in harm’s way on our behalf.”

Meanwhile Supergran will be happy when the noise around her ram raid efforts dies down and is trying to keep a low profile.

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Taupō MP Louise Upston posted this picture taken on Monday afternoon showing glazier Glenn Philip making a start on repairs.

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