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Senior Constable Deb Hann – On the Beat

Some of you may have noticed a name change at the top of the column today. Please be reassured it is still me, Deb (Thurgood that was). I have simply now returned to my maiden name Deb Hann.

With that out the way, I have more good news today. On Monday, Cambridge Police located and arrested a male at a residential address who was wanted for breaching his bail conditions. A vehicle in his possession bearing different number plates and with VIN numbers removed was also subsequently identified and found to be stolen.

A search located a quantity of methamphetamine sufficient for supply. The male has appeared before the courts. This continues the disruption of the drug trade in our town and shows again how an arrest for one matter can lead on to solve further crimes.

Drug supply and addiction is a key driver of crime. An addiction and the cost of maintaining it rapidly increases. People quickly become dependent on more of the drug to achieve the same high. This leads to them exhausting their own financial funds which drives them to steal from those closest to them or commit crime for collateral to exchange for cash or drugs.

Breaking the supply chain unsurprisingly often sees a reduction in downstream dishonesty offending in an area. If you have first-hand knowledge of people or places involved in drug dealing and supply, please ring 105 or Crimestoppers 0800 555111 (the latter provides anonymity). Your information helps a lot.

Another good catch last week again showed how crime prevention is a team effort. A male was seen via remotely accessed CCTV syphoning fuel from a generator at a treatment plant on Hall street.  Police were alerted and due to the live remote CCTV access, received real-time updates as to the male’s actions and locations. Working together with local security, Police apprehended and arrested the male.  The fuel was recovered and he has also appeared in court.

From a crime prevention and investigation perspective, CCTV is brilliant. By enabling remote access to your CCTV via an app on your mobile phone, you can call police immediately and better enable us to catch them in the act.

Ensure that your CCTV is recording and that you know how to access, save and export recorded footage. Set the overwrite time to four weeks if possible.

Have a great week and keep that information coming.

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