Christmas message from Ariki and Pam Ashford

Senior Pastors, Reach Church  

We both love the absence of despair in the Christmas story. It’s the most treasured Bible story we know. We see so many passages – the nastiness of King Herod, the scheming evil of the snake in Eden, the anger of Moses when he came down from Sinai to see his people worshiping Baal. But once Mary and Joseph were guided to that manger, the star shone above, and the animals looked calmly on.

For the length of this Christmas story, the most sacred of stories, there is no fear. There is hope – we feel it all these centuries later as we both celebrate and marvel at the Christmas spirit.

How do we savour the wonder of that glorious birth and time of unimpeded hope and carry it with us like a beacon to light the darkest times of the year?

How do we preserve the joy in that beautiful manger scene letting it permeate our souls all year long? We all need a guiding light in this world just as the star guided Mary and Joseph to that manger. Let that guiding light be the glorious birth of the saviour, swaddled in his mother’s arms, cradled in everlasting grace.

Remember to take comfort and joy from this auspicious moment so far back in time, so wonderfully present today.

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