Ram raiders are back

Firstly today, you will have seen in the news that Waikato has been hit by a burglary and ram raid crime spree. Cambridge was not exempt.

With two retail burglaries in the last two weeks, I’d ask that we all be vigilant for any suspicious activity, particularly those living in the CBD area or within view of retail and industrial properties. We can all play a role as ‘capable guardians’ for our town. If something seems off, it often is. Be aware of vehicles driving slowly around an area, driving in tandem with another vehicle(s), especially if they have multiple young occupants.  If you see offending in process, note as much as you can around offender and vehicle descriptions as possible. The vehicle registration is key. If you can obtain a mobile phone recording without putting yourself at risk or have CCTV coverage, that is good evidence too.

Secondly, we have recently had an incident where a person was allegedly approached and  intimidated by a stranger asking for cash when they were withdrawing money from an ATM. Please be aware of your surroundings whenever using an ATM, especially for people standing close to you and shoulder surfing to see you PIN. If anyone approaches you, intimidating or threatening you, do not engage and move away to safety,  then call 111. If we are told about these things when they happen, we can address them.

Thirdly, I have received queries around riding mopeds and motorised scooters around town. To be classed a moped, it must have two wheels, a maximum speed not exceeding 50km  and either an engine capacity not exceeding 50cc or a power source other than a piston engine. You can drive a moped on a car licence. This can be a learners, but you must hold one. As with a car, you must follow the road rules. You must wear a helmet when riding and have headlamps turned on.  You can only carry a passenger if the moped has a pillion seat and footrests for one – and no, the footwell and handlebars don’t count.

As with driving a car, it is an offence to use your mobile phone while riding a moped.  If you are found riding a moped as described above and do not hold a car licence, you can be forbidden from driving until you hold one.  Please note however, if you are riding a two wheeled bike with engine capacity above 50cc, you must hold a current motorcycle licence. A car licence is not appropriate.

As always, if offending is happening, tell the Police before you tell your mates.

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