The return of Super Ted

A Waipā couple has taken the national teddy bear hunt happening during lockdown to new heights.

About four metres high to be exact.

For those lucky enough to be close enough in their ‘bubble’ to see it, it’s the brainchild of Doug and Jude Eades.

The couple and their family have created a giant teddy bear out of nine silage bales on their Maungatautari Rd property.

People around the world have been putting teddy bears in their windows at home so families, perhaps with little ones in lockdown, can get some exercise – or hop in their car on the way to the supermarket – and go on a bear hunt in their neighbourhood.

Even Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said she has a teddy in her window at home in Wellington for people to spot.

“We were looking for something to do,” Jude told the News.

Dylan (11) and Luke (12) Eades with their nearly 4m high teddy bear. Photo: Supplied

“It took a little bit of convincing, but once we got into it, the kids just loved it,” she said.

During its construction, Jude said they were getting a lot of attention from neighbours in their houses and everybody seemed to be enjoying it.

The teddy is – as yet – unnamed.

“But my mother has said I do have to give it one,” Jude said.

Teddy is located between the end of the cycleway and Waipuke Park on Maungatautari Rd.

Creating the teddy bear hasn’t been the only exciting thing to happen on the Eades’ 40-hectare property since lockdown began.

On the first day of lockdown, one of their ewes also gave birth to twin lambs.

Meanwhile, Rhyn Koekemoer’s hope for a fourth birthday gathering this week were dashed – but Bollard Rd neighbours in Tamahere came to the party in a different way.

“Rhyn was looking forward to a party with friends and had been talking non-stop about it,” mum Julie explained.

Tamahere residents made Rhyn’s birthday celebrations memorable. Photo: Supplied

“So, I put little leaflets in the post boxes on my street and asked everyone please if they could put out bears for a bear hunt for my son on Saturday.

“We did the walk at about 2.30pm and it was such a lovely surprise, there were teddys out and cards and a few gifts, people came to the front door to wave, what a wonderful day it was.”

Rhyn attends the Pentagon Early Learning Centre in Tamahere.

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