Positive ‘reaction’ in new science classroom

Cambridge Primary School’s new classroom has received the tick of approval from students trying out their first experiment in the new science lab and multi-use classroom.

The new room – an old toilet block re-built and re-done from the inside out thanks to five-yearly funding from the Ministry of Education – was officially opened with a blessing on Tuesday last week, with students getting inside the new learning space not long after.

Principal Mike Pettit said the new room, being used for science lessons as well as a challenge-and-extension class, would be an “amazing asset” to the school. “It gives that learning opportunity in a purpose-built space,” he said. “It’s quite different.”

Challenge and extension teacher Kate Watson, and science teacher Ange Hay, were looking forward to starting classes inside the new room last week – and the students were equally eager to get going inside the new learning space, starting off with a simple chemistry experiment.

The room will operate as a science lab for the school’s weekly arts-and-science day every Thursday, and for two days a week it will function as a challenge and extension classroom.

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