Classroom delivery makes CHS rebuild-ready

One of nine temporary classrooms arrived on site at Cambridge High this month.

Nine temporary classrooms are being installed at Cambridge High School to help facilitate the rebuild of a classroom block, support weather tightening work and provide temporary teaching spaces for a growing student roll.

The first of nine classrooms arrived at the school on Thursday, September 5 with builders working throughout the night to secure the building in its new location, on the southern side of the school field next to the school pool.

Four temporary classrooms have since been located there, with the other five due to be placed on the northern side of the field, near the netball courts.

Cambridge High School’s Business Manager Amanda Wright said they were happy to see the wheels start moving on the project, which has been planned for over a year.

“It’s just great to see it started, it’s been a long time coming and now it’s underway.”

The temporary classrooms will house students while the school’s music and arts department – S block – is demolished and rebuilt. Demolition will take place at the end of the year with the rebuild beginning in the new year.

In addition to recreating existing learning spaces, the S block rebuild will bring with it four new classrooms – a much needed boost for the school as its student numbers continue to grow.

One of the nine temporary classrooms.

Cambridge High is one of several schools in Cambridge which are working with the Ministry to secure much-needed learning spaces, as the Waipa district continues to be one of the fastest growing regions in the country.

It’s especially important for Cambridge High School – the only public secondary school in Cambridge.

The government announced last month that 79 new classrooms were planned for the Waikato over the next four years, and Education Minister Chris Hipkins admitted during the announcement that the Ministry had taken too long to address the region’s growing student numbers.

Cambridge High couldn’t confirm exactly when it would receive new classrooms – it is one of several Cambridge schools waiting on the Ministry to provide more detailed planning about the work.

But the four new classrooms in the S block rebuild will help meet the need for now – along with five of the nine temporary classrooms (the ones on the northern side) staying at the school for an extended period to provide those much-needed learning spaces.

Weather tightness work has also been planned for the school library, superloos and part of the gym – set to take place later this year – and an additional stage-two of weather work, on D block (science and language) will get underway next year.

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