No ordinary book giveaway

Nicky Webber with her latest book, No Ordinary Man.

Local author Nicky Webber was amongst the many Cambridge residents paying their respects during the Anzac remembrance service at the Cambridge Town Hall last week.

The Tamahere resident is now a published author, with her latest book No Ordinary Man out in January. Cambridge News has two signed copies of the book to give away.

It details the life of no ordinary man in the Anzac core, one which lived a secret double life both during World War 2 and afterwards.

“It’s an intriguing, fascinating, interesting story,” said Nicky, who spent two years writing the book. “The story is really about acceptance of people that are different.

“I want the reader when they start reading it to see that he’s a great guy, he’s a hero, and then very slowly, you see hints as the story develops, that he’s living this secret life.

“Some people think its just another Anzac story, but then when they read it they can’t put it down.”

Having grown up with parents who survived World War 2 as children in Europe, as well as having veterans in the family, Nicky grew up hearing quite a few war stories.

But in this war story, she had to change the main character’s name, and a few crucial details to keep his identity a secret. His own daughter doesn’t know his true “self”, Nicky learned the story from his niece, as well as his own scribbled notes, to piece together what she calls a well-researched “creative non-fiction” piece.

“It’s a fascinating story,” said Nicky, adding that she felt the pressure to get it right.

“I think now is the best time to share his story, no publisher would have touched it decades ago,” she said. “It probably would have been banned!”

To win a signed copy of No Ordinary Man, send your full name and contact number to: [email protected] no later than 9am, Tuesday May 7.

And congratulations to Laurie Gatfield and Dylan Woodhouse who each won a copy of our recent giveaway – James Caffin’s book Partisan – the incredible true story of a New Zealand soldier behind enemy lines.

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