Lily’s in eleventh heaven…

Lily Greenough, pictured in action at the National BMX Champs over Easter weekend, has been selected to represent New Zealand as the captain of the Mighty 11 team. Photo – Chris Boyle / Trackside Photography.

Lily Greenough decided what her older brothers could do, she could do.

Her Cambridge brothers Jack and Bennett Greenough made the Mighty 11 New Zealand BMX team when they were 11 – prompting Lily to set herself a goal of matching their effort.

She’s achieved that – and been made captain of the team to travel and take on Australia at Queen’s Birthday Weekend as well.

The Year 7 St Peter’s student will lead the New Zealand side in a two-part junior test team series. The team was named after Mighty 11 trials during the National BMX Champs at Easter.

“I’m really happy with it, even happier since I made captain,” said Lily, who has been riding BMX since the age of four after following her brothers into the sport.

The series is unusual for BMX. Usually racing sees individual riders competing against each other, but in Mighty 11s comprises a team of four racing against each other in the same event. A girls’ and boys’ competition are held concurrently.

Lily Greenough at her home track, the Cambridge BMX Club.

It’s not her the first time Lily has represented New Zealand. The four-time national champion has attended the World BMX Championships six times, making the podium three times.

But having a competitive edge isn’t why she takes part in the sport.

“It’s just really fun,” she said. “You get to come outside and ride your bike on the track and learn new skills.”

The New Zealand team has a final team training next weekend before flying to Australia on May 31.

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