Churches remind why we celebrate Easter

Many children around Cambridge will be hunting for Easter eggs this Easter Sunday morning. Adam Saunders (pictured) was delighted to find a chocolate egg during an Easter egg hunt at Cambridge Kindergarten in 2017.

Many Cambridge residents will be enjoying some extra time off this long weekend as the much-anticipated Easter weekend arrives.

Whether you’re enjoying a final beach getaway for the summer, or simply staying at home to hunt for chocolate eggs with the kids, it’s important to remember the meaning of Easter this long weekend – new life – say members of Cambridge’s Christian community.

“Easter is largely about Hope,” said Jeff Parker, Senior Pastor at Elim Church. “Our creator doesn’t give up on us regardless of where we are at, but provides a way in Jesus for us to be restored to relationship with Him and restored to an incredible Hope for our future.

“This is the Hope we celebrate at Easter.”

Murray Smith, Senior Leader at Bridges Church, said Easter was essentially about, “The cross, an empty tomb and a living saviour who is the same today as He was when He walked the earth, putting God on display so we can really know what He is like.”

St Andrews Anglican Church vicar Rev Malcolm French. Photo – Michael Jeans.

Malcolm French, Vicar of St Andrews Church, said what happened during the first Easter was “more than just ‘a conjuring trick with bones’,” he said.

“It was nothing less than the defeat of death and of the powers of darkness. Everything changed, ‘heaven is wedded to earth and we are reconciled with God’.”

By definition, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, following his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary. Good Friday commemorates his death by crucifixion, and Easter Sunday marks his resurrection. Eggs have long been an ancient symbol of new life and rebirth, hence why Easter eggs are gifted on Sunday. Traditionally dyed chicken eggs were used, but this custom has since developed into the more preferred form of chocolate eggs.

This Sunday evening, a combined-churches Easter celebration will be held at the Cambridge Town Hall from 7pm. All members of the community are most welcome to attend.

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