Success for DIY Day

Poppy Wortman reports on the extremely successful Great DIY Garage Sale held Sunday, October 28.

Waipā District Council Waste Minimisation Assistant Katie Hine was ecstatic with the turn out on October 28.

Everything went – even the kitchen sink.

The Great DIY Garage Sale took place on Sunday, and the man behind the idea is “abuzz”.

“I was absolutely blown away,” Rob May Builders director Jono McCullough said. “It was insane the response, with the massive Cambridge community support getting behind it and seeing the benefits of it.”

In partnership with the Waipā District Council and Cambridge East Primary School, Rob May Builders organised the event for the purpose of avoiding DIY products going into landfill. Instead, “tradies” donated their excess materials to be sold at a discount price to the public.

All proceeds were donated to Cambridge East Primary School – totalling almost $11,000.

“It worked out to be about 15 or 16 tonne that avoided being taken to the tip and clogging landfill,” Jono said. “It’s something we hope to do as an annual event going forward.

“And we couldn’t have done it without the incredible help from Shaw’s Wire Ropes, especially James Peters,” he said. “They contributed their amazing facilities and went out of their way to host and do things for us. It was just magic.”

Waipā Council Waste Minimisation Assistant Katie Hine said the 9am kick off saw hundreds of people ready at the gate.

“It was such an awesome day with really positive feedback, lots of people want to see it happen again,” she said. “So much was sold in such a quick time. It was just buzzing!”

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