Cat’s stash returned to owner

Archie the cat’s burglary victims have been reunited with their socks.

We can now report that the owner of most of the socks and underwear stolen by a mischievous cat in Leamington has been reunited with their items.

The November 9 issue of Cambridge News featured a story on a young tabby named Archie, who had driven his owners mad bringing home several pairs of socks and underwear in the middle of the night – which they hadn’t the faintest idea of where they’d come from.

After knocking on several doors in the neighbourhood to no avail, the Keightley family appealed to Cambridge News readers in the hope of finding the rightful sock owner, and it worked.

We were contacted by the wife of “The Man with Cold Feet”, as Archie’s owner Lynley described him, and put her in touch with the Keightleys, and sure enough about 90 percent of Archie’s midnight laundry haul belonged to her husband.

“We had a lovely chat and she was very understanding about the whole thing,” a relieved Lynley said. “We are all living happily ever after.”

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