What is the Golden Rosycross?

No secret handshake required at the Lectorium Rosicrucianum in Karapiro.

Always keen to try new things, Claire Castle headed along to a Golden Rosycross discussion group at Karapiro.

Like many people, I’ve been driving past the Lectorium Rosicrucianum facility in Karapiro for years without knowing what was down the driveway.  Whether it was the Latin name, or the total ignorance on my part, I was a bit intimidated by it and wondered if there might be some kind of secret handshake required to get in the door.  It seemed mysterious.  With a long history, the Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross looks at the gem of truth behind all religions, and according to its website it’s for people who are seekers with a yearning for the spiritual renewal of life.  ‘The aim of the Golden Rosycross is to guide its pupils through the original Christian path of initiation towards transfiguration (change to a spiritual state), through insight and knowledge of the essential meaning of life, so that the Divine Spark within the human being – the Rose of the heart – will be awakened.’  Which sounded quite good to me – I’m all for awakening – and while I do not have a religious bone in my body* I thought it would be interesting to go along and find out more.

The topic for our discussion was to be ‘every person possesses a Spiritual essence within them. It does have an effect’, but as organiser Lee Munro explained it is very much led by the people who are attending.  It was a small group, and we delved into a discussion that covered everything from the youth of today to the demise of the nuclear family (don’t get me started).  The hour and a half went very quickly, and on the drive home my mind was buzzing with ideas.  And there were also biscuits, including chocolate ones.

Anyone can attend the group, so if you are interested in getting together with a group of thinkers to discuss some of life’s bigger questions, you should pop out there and join in. It was certainly the most thought-provoking 7.30 – 9pm on a Tuesday night I’ve had in recent memory, and it felt much more virtuous than sitting on the couch watching Married at First Sight.  And you don’t even need to learn a secret handshake, which was a bonus.  They also meet on Thursdays at 10.30am.

Meetings are held at 258 Ariki St, Karapiro. Phone 827 8040 or text 021 656 501 for more information.

*I’m fine with that, so please don’t ring me up about it, thanks.

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