It’s a golf cart, not a yacht

The Atlanta players helped the newly-nicknamed Tadbolt retrieve his gear from the water.

It was cause for a good laugh at the Cambridge Golf Club recently when a bout of wild summer weather stirred up a group of local golfers.

Known as Atlanta, the bi-weekly golfing group was at the Cambridge course recently on one of their usual rounds. With proper names withheld, a golfer nicknamed Bolter had an umbrella erected and mounted onto his golf cart, playing on the 13th hole.

An unexpected gust of wind whipped through the course and caught the “sails” of the umbrella, propelling the cart towards the nearby water. The unfortunate golfer was too slow in his 30-metre chase, missing the opportunity to save the cart as it plunged into the murky waters.

Other members of the group helped to fish the cart out of the water, using their golf clubs to hook it and avoid getting wet. But the gear was soaked through, and as the misfortunate Bolter tipped water out of his golf bag, a few tadpoles came with it. “So now we’ve nicknamed him Tadbolt,” said one of his golfing friends, who captured the incident on his phone. “That’s the second time it’s happened to our group of players, on the same hole,” he laughed.

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