Students give their take on a new logo for Cambridge

Cambridge East students Jack McNab, Miles Julian, Daniel Cook, Molly Harvey, Madi Meredith, Kaiden Crawshaw (front), Thomas Nogaj (back), Brayden Carroll, Harry Kavanagh, pictured with their designs.

A group of students at Cambridge East School have created their own designs for a new logo for Cambridge. After reading about the new “C” logo in Cambridge News, students in Room 5 decided they would come up their own ideas.

“It was quite obvious that Cambridge was going to become a city when we read the article about population growth, and then when we read about the new logo, most of us were quite disappointed with what they had come up with. So we thought we’d create our own,” explained Molly Harvey. “Cambridge has a lot of character… but the logo doesn’t have anything to do with Cambridge, and it wasn’t made locally.”

“The person who did it was in Auckland and doesn’t know much about Cambridge,” added fellow student, Thomas Nogaj. “It doesn’t have the colours of Cambridge, when you think of Cambridge, I think of green and nature and things.”

“It didn’t show stuff about Cambridge at all,” said Madi Meredith. “I don’t really think it has anything to do with Cambridge, but I liked the colours,” added Kaiden Crawshaw.

“The logo says ‘Cambridge’, but that’s about the only thing it has to do with Cambridge!” said Brayden Carroll.

“I would like it with blue and green, blue for the lakes and green for the trees. The purple doesn’t really suit it, and the yellow kind of reminds me of the Z sign,” Daniel Cook said.

“I thought it was good with the bright colours, but then when you think about it we should have a bit of green in it,” said Miles Julian.

“It doesn’t have anything representative to Cambridge. I think kids could do a better logo design than what someone in Auckland thinks!” said Harry Kavanagh.

“It’s a bit of a rip off for 11 grand!” added Jack McNab.

“People think only adults can do it, but, they haven’t seen what kids can do,” said Daniel.

The group of young but passionate Cambridge locals say they would love for the creators of the logo to consider the ideas of Cambridge students. “We’re the future of Cambridge so we should have a little say in it,” said Miles.

Kaiden Crawshaw liked the colours of the original logo and incorporated colour into his own design.

The students each designed their own take on a new logo for Cambridge, incorporating what they think represents the town. The finished designs were made both by hand and digitally, and were completed last week.

The students hope that their ideas might sway the “C” logo creators to redesign the new Cambridge brand, incorporating iconic Cambridge imagery and colours.

“I still like the C but they could have other stuff behind it, like things that go on in Cambridge,” said Daniel. “It could have ‘Town of Champions’ or a lake or river going through. Instead of Auckland people doing it they should try and keep it ‘Cambridge’ and get someone local to do it. They’d know what Cambridge looks like.”

The students say they’re very proud of their town and hope to see a logo which reflects its many positive features.

Several residents have expressed their distaste towards the tourism brand created for Cambridge

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