One club to rule them

Jamie Moore is heading into “uncharted territories” after selling his web design business. Photo: Benjamin Wilson 

A Cambridge entrepreneur is selling his web design business to focus on a new golf club, designed by his father.

Jamie Moore, 35, is the founder of Bronte, a web design company that creates and hosts WordPress websites.

His father, Simon Moore, who Jamie calls a ‘serial entrepreneur’, designed an adjustable golf club that can replace a 14-piece set of clubs.

He is selling his business to Hamilton based Enlighten Designs, a web design company that previously expressed an interest in his company.

Jamie, who is also a golfer, hopes his web design and marketing background will be a driving force for the new business.

When he founded Bronte in his early 20s, Torpedo 7 was one of his first clients. Now the company has close to 150 clients, one of the biggest being Spark Business Group.

He said he took a very hands-on approach to his business, despite having three web designers who work for him, he never stopped designing the sites himself.

“You typically get to a point where you no longer do the thing that you got into the industry to do, and I stayed doing it,” he said.

The company will stay independent and keep its name – which comes from the street Jamie lives on – and he will remain involved for the next 12 months.

“We are going to make it a real gradual, slow, transition process.”

Jamie and his wife, Mel, are parents to two children, Hazel, four, and Ivy, six. He said from a family perspective, it was a big decision to leave his successful business for this unchartered territory.

Jamie says the idea of an adjustable golf club is not new, and the first one that he is aware of dates to 1896.

“But no one has ever done it with modern materials, modern design, modern marketing,” he said.

Parts of Q’s locking mechanism have been patented. In February, Q launched a Kickstarter for the club and have had 850 pre-orders so far.

In October, they will begin shipping the product.

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