Blue sapphire couple mark anniversary

Betty and Barry Harvey outside the St Kilda villa that once belonged to Betty’s dad and where they held their wedding reception.

Cambridge couple Betty and Barry Harvey recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary, marking their milestone with a touch of nostalgia.

The couple’s ‘blue sapphire’ event was shared by several of their children, who toasted them as a pairing to be proud of. “We were very touched when they told us how much they respected and appreciated what we had done, and the example we set,” said Barry.

“As children, they all took the school bus when they needed to, they had after school jobs and they all developed a strong work ethic which has seen them do well as adults. We’re very proud of them.”

Betty and Barry Harvey on their March 10 wedding day, 65 years ago.

Cambridge born Betty Arnold married her tall Hawkes Bay man at the old Presbyterian Church (then the pink church) on March 10, 1956.  The couple held their reception under trees and a marquee at her family home in St Kilda.  The couple then went farming in Te Miro, sharing their love of the land, open landscapes, horses and sport – as well as four children – over the next six decades.  When thoughts came of returning to Cambridge after spending several years in a house they built overlooking Lake Karapiro, it was a home in St Kilda that stole their heart, primarily because it brought them back to the starting point and gave them a bird’s eye view of Te Miro.

“We seem to have come full circle,” smiled Betty.

The Harveys made a good fist of it all.  They have four children, seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

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