Cambridge police team thanked

Cambridge Police senior sergeant Ben Joll, with Give It Back Charitable Trust members Tania
Witheford, Lee Turner and David Cooney

The team at Cambridge Police station was treated to a special morning tea last week, delivered with a hearty dollop of thanks from The Give It Back Charitable Trust.

Three members of the five-member Trust slotted into a training day teabreak at the station to pass on their thanks from the community.  One of their number, Tania Witheford, said the Trust acknowledged the substantial contribution police made, particularly to the Cambridge community, and said that despite an initial ‘uproar’ when local police moved to the hub model, it was “wonderful to see” the team’s ongoing commitment.

“What you do is incredibly appreciated,” she said. “We want to thank you on behalf of the community.”

The Give It Back Charitable Trust, comprising Tania Witheford, David Cooney, Lee Turner, Jono McCullough and Rob Clancy, was formed to recognise Cambridge’s unsung heroes and volunteers. It also helps financially support members of the community needing health and welfare assistance, and encourages others to get involved in the  community. Trust members at the police team’s morning tea were Tania Witheford, David Cooney and Lee Turner.

Cambridge Police senior sergeant Ben Joll thanked the Trust for recognising the team and said while police members didn’t generally seek recognition for what they do, they were very grateful for the gesture.

“Cambridge is blessed with a high-performing team,” he said. “Most of us live in this community, we are a part of it … thank you so much for this.”

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