Middle school’s in fashion

Heidi Cranshaw with her first-place winning skirt and blouse ensemble.

Cambridge Middle School has made it four-for-four at the annual HETTANZ Fashion Awards, winning first place at the secondary school fashion competition, in the intermediate division, for the fourth year running.

The school has won first and second place three times over the past four years, and first and third place in 2017.

Creative Textiles teacher Catherine Bell, who taught this year’s winning entrants – first-place winner Heidi Cranshaw and second-place winner Tegan O’Dwyer, said it had become “exceptionally rewarding” to see students win the competition each year the school had entered.

“It’s quite rewarding, for both myself and the girls, to see them grow in their skills, and they love to see their garments come together. It’s a great way for them to develop their skills and knowledge.”

Both girls, who plan to keep their garments and continue their sewing skills, said they learned a lot more this year from doing the competition – which started in Term 2 – than just their regular class exercises.

“We found there as a lot more to it (making a dress/jumpsuit) than we thought, there were a lot more skills that we picked up,” said Tegan. “It was a longer process than we’d thought.”

Tegan O’Dwyer with her second-place winning wraparound dress.

“I was really happy (to win),” said Heidi, “a little shocked actually, because there were so many people whose garments were really good. It was a lot of fun.

“I think we were a bit relieved too,” added Tegan, “Because we (CMS) had won three years in a row, the pressure was on.”

Heidi, 13, made a first-place-winning mustard-coloured skirt and a blouse with a contrasting navy collar, buttons and belt. And Tegan, 12, made a sky-blue wraparound dress with an asymmetrical hem and gathered sleeves – those added compositional skills edging her into the top spot.

“They were outstanding techniques,” said Bell, confirming the school would enter again next year in the hope of making it five-for five at the 2020 HETTANZ Fashion Awards.

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