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Two’s company: Sophie Read’s missing earring has been reunited with its mate.

A needle in a haystack or an earring on a supermarket site?

The chances of finding either are remote – but long-time Cambridge resident Sophie Read saw the odds beaten, thanks to someone showing real Christmas spirit.

She lost an earring while on a Thursday outing with husband Ron and knew her chances of finding it were slight.

Sophie and Ron have been Cambridge residents for 32 years, and after moving south from Hamilton opened The Book Gallery in Duke St.

The gold and silver earring was bought about 18 years ago in Warkworth and what made it special was that it was a clip-on.

“I don’t have pierced ears, and finding clip-ons can be a challenge,” she said.

“So when I realised I was missing one, I was horrified.”

Sophie returned, with the earring’s lonely mate, to New World in Cambridge to see if anyone had handed the other one in.

“One staff member said: “oh yes it was here” – and another then came and said it had been locked away for safe keeping,” Sophie said.

“I was so pleased that they would take such care of a piece of costume jewellery – and also that someone had been so kind as to pick it up and hand it in.”

She was so impressed, she wrote a letter to the Cambridge News saying: “I would like to thank the anonymous customer at New World on Thursday 6th who found my lost earring and handed it in to the staff….  you made my Friday! And thanks too to the New World staff who were very helpful.”

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